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     When students walk into the school building on their first day of school, I dream about how they would be as young adults when they walk out of this school, after 10-12 years.

      I also envision in what ways they need to be prepared, equipped & honed for life. As educators, it is our responsibility to nurture students so they can create their future.Our role is to create a school system that facilitates such a climate.

     As an institution, we stand on the threshold of a great opportunity. We are committed to prepare our students for citizenship; to cultivate skilled and passionate future entrepreneurs and work force; to teach cultural literacy so they become  locally sensitive and globally adaptive citizens; to help students become critical thinkers so they make well informed choices; lastly and most importantly to inculcate lifelong values, discipline and responsible adulthood. This is the essence of our school education. 

Principal Desk


Vibrant Waves International Academy Mangrol is one of the unit of proud family of Waves Empowerment Foundation Surat.Under the guidance and inspiration of WEF Surat, the school prospers and flourishes along with the parent body.

We at Vibrant believe in developing each student’s unique aptitude by engaging students in relevant, experiential and personalized learning to cultivate problem-solving, critical thinking and innovation and to promote honesty, graciousness, and sociability. As a school, we take pride in enabling our children to become locally rooted and globally competent by celebrating our diversity fostering a culture of collaboration, trust, and shared responsibility. We are striving to join communities in nation building by offering them the right environment and ethos to remain a learner for life.


Mr. Jay Prakash Tiwari


Welcome To Vibrant Waves

I also envision in what ways they need to be prepared, equipped & honed for life.As educators, it is our responsibility to nurture students so they can create their future.

Fulfill With Love

Fulfillment is about knowing what we want, believing we are worth it, loving our students utterly and completely with undivided attention. An ideal condition is needed to ensure the fulfillment of ‘Child rights’ in a school environment. Here, we provide one condition. It is a place for children to develop their capabilities, interests, talents and creativity through their active participation. To achieve this, the support from adults is a must which is provided by our expert Educators.

Expert Educators

Expert Educators create lively students. Expert Educators are aware of what they are doing, they monitor and adjust their teaching behavior to bring out the best in their students. As it is rightly said, experts are energetic and wise, knowledgeable and prepared, creative and resourceful, kind and motivated. So are we. Here at VWIA, we make a very good team of Expert Educators with hands on experience of the subjects they excel in.

Active Learning

Active Learning is a form of learning in which teaching strives to involve students in the learning process more directly than in other methods. In active learning, students participate in the process when they are doing something besides passively listening.

Funny & Happy

Being an Educator is fun because when you are sitting at your desk, kids will act as though there’s a soundproof force field around you. The false confidence that they won’t be heard leads to entertaining moments. VWIA is all about funny moments and experiential learning in the classrooms. Our Student’s story:- First Student: “I want to be an astronaut because I am going to be the first person to land on the sun!” Second Student: “You can’t land on the Sun. It’s way too hot. That’ll never happen.” First Student: “Yeah I know it’s too hot. That’s why I’m going to land on it at night!!” We believe that such funny moments in a classroom also lead to interesting facts for children that they can discover and eventually, learn faster.

Our Features

Qualified Teachers

Qualified staff members as per the CBSE Norms- PGT/TGT/PRT/NTT plus PTI/LIBRARIAN WELLNESS AND SPECIAL EDUCATOR are appointed.

Regular Classes

Academic Sessions clubbed with extra-curricular activities inclusive of Dance, Music, Library, Life Skills etc. are conducted to enhance and develop the child’s overall personality.

Sufficient Classrooms

Sufficient number of classrooms are well equipped with Digital Boards and projectors utilized to impart effective audio visual teaching to meet the current standards. All classrooms are air-conditioned, bright and appropriate in size.

Creative Ideas

Educators are continuously working creatively towards learner friendly education which eases the learning process and offloads the students.

Sports Facilities

Athletics: Shot-put, Long Jump, 100 metres Outdoor games: Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Basketball. Indoor games: Carrom, Chess Martial Arts: Karate

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