Mr. Chandresh Dhandhukia


     When students walk into the school building on their first day of school, I dream about how they would be as young adults when they walk out of this school, after 10-12 years.

      I also envision in what ways they need to be prepared, equipped & honed for life. As educators, it is our responsibility to nurture students so they can create their future.Our role is to create a school system that facilitates such a climate.

     As an institution, we stand on the threshold of a great opportunity. We are committed to prepare our students for citizenship; to cultivate skilled and passionate future entrepreneurs and work force; to teach cultural literacy so they become  locally sensitive and globally adaptive citizens; to help students become critical thinkers so they make well informed choices; lastly and most importantly to inculcate lifelong values, discipline and responsible adulthood. This is the essence of our school education.